Airsoft Competition Explained

Airsoft Competition is a platform where you can challenge an be challenged by other Airsoft players or teams. By registrating yourself through our platform you create a player profile, where you can join the available Airsoft ladders.

Be a lonewolf (1 v 1) or join an exisiting team or create your own!

Our Available Ladders are based on Airsoft Game Modes, per country and (maximum) amount of players needed (e.g. 2 on 2, 3 on 3, etc.) to play.

When joining one of these ladders you are able to challenge other players or teams in this ladder by challenge them directly or let the system do a blind challenge. When challenging an other team your are able to send a challenge request, with the date, time, location and a short message.

The Leader of the team will then receive your challenge per email and will have the option either accept or decline the challenge. Your open challenges are visible through your Team Dashboard.

When the match is played, both parties enter the result of the match, and both need to confirm this result, based on the result; win, draw or loss, point are awarded and the standing of the player or team is calculated on the ladder.

Want to know more about our points system? Read it here!