Welcome Airsofters from The United Kingdom!

We are pleased to announce that airsoft players and teams from the UK can register themselves as of now on AirsoftCompetion.com!

We created AirsoftCompetition.com as there is no proper platform where you can challenge teams in your province or country for an Airsoft game.

With our AirsoftCompetition.com platform we are here to help the airsoft community, as our goal is to be the number one source, for playing Airsoft matches!

With the launch of the UK, the following ladders will be available for you to climb: Deathmatch (DM), Team Deathmatch (TDM) and Capture the Flag (CTF).

Register yourself and your team to compete against others in the available ladders to reaching the nr. 1 spot!

PS: Please help us grow by spreading the word among your fellow airsofters to registrate themselves on AirsoftCompetition.com! or just tag them 😉